Welcome to Kitchen Chemistry!

We’re Amanda and TJ, the healthy couple who writes this website, and authors of the cookbook, Kitchen Chemistry.

How did it all start? We fell in love through the kitchen. Our passions for holistic health and high-quality food brought us together. Within the first few months of being in relationship, Amanda, being a natural-born, intuitive chef, turned on all of TJ’s senses and blew away his taste-buds with her delicious, paleo-inspired desserts and meals. Through each meal, co-created in the kitchen, our relationship grew stronger. We learned firsthand, how cooking together can refine communication skills, increase feelings of support and deepen intimacy on a whole new level. We created this website as a way to build a community of healthy couples and share the magic that can happen when you co-create with loved ones.


Now, we are in the process of writing and publishing Kitchen Chemistry – The Conscious Couples Cookbook to Spark Vibrant Health and Relationships. Together, we cater events and develop recipes for top brands in the Natural Food Industry.


Our eating style: we eat a paleo-style diet centered around lots of fresh veggies. Most of the recipes you’ll see on this website are grain free, low in sugar, and seasonal since we eat that way about 90% of the time. Because our eating philosophy is based on both pleasure and performance, there will be no lists of forbidden foods. Our recipes will not leave you feeling hungry and deprived. Chocolate chip cookies, cauliflower fried rice, lavender reishi lattes, and maple glazed donuts—your taste buds, brain and your belly will be happy.

Our website also includes “lifestyle recipes” aka self-care and health-hacker rituals that nourish your body, soul and nervous system so that you and your loved ones can grow in health and relationship beyond the kitchen.


A little more about us, as indivduals…

Amanda Gyuran is a fully certified Level 2 STOTT Pilates Instructor, Holistic Health Practitioner and Private Chef. Having an extensive background in Holistic Nutrition, Herbalism, Eating Psychology, and Mind Body Movement, Amanda has helped hundreds of women break up with dieting, heal their relationship with exercise, and reconnect with their sensitivity through her former private coaching practice. In her Pilates career, Amanda has trained top NFL and NHL athletes as well as professional ballerinas. She now channels Mother Earth and Divine Nourishment through her cooking, working as a Private Chef for Busy Entrepreneurs, those with Chronic Illness and Wellness Retreats worldwide.


TJ Anderson is a Health Hacker, Bestselling Author of The Art of Health Hacking, High Performance Health Coach for Men, and Host of The Elevate Your State Show, a podcast focused on health hacking for sustainable high performance. Having an extensive background in the art and science of sustainable behavior change, his company, Elevate Your State, focuses on measurable health improvement and performance for high performing leaders and organizations. TJ has given talks for Google, Deloitte, ACT, and several leading healthcare conferences nationwide.