Kitchen Chemistry

The Conscious Couples Cookbook to Spark Vibrant Health & Relationships

With a focus on healthy desserts and gluten-free meals, Kitchen Chemistry will feature 100+ paleo recipes and intimacy rituals to inspire better health and relationships through the kitchen! ♡


It’s no secret that cooking at home and creating meals from scratch is often healthier than dining out or reheating pre-made food. What might come as a surprise, though, is that doing so with your partner has its own set of health benefits. From refining communication skills, increasing feelings of support, creating quality bonding time, and stimulating sex drive, cooking a meal together is the new and improved date night.  

All of our recipes in Kitchen Chemistry will be whole-food based, using the most pure ingredients possible. Because our eating philosophy is based on both pleasure and performance, there will be no lists of forbidden foods. Our recipes will not leave you feeling hungry and deprived. Chocolate chip cookies, cauliflower fried rice, lavender reishi lattes, and maple glazed donuts—your taste buds, brain and your belly will be happy. Half of the cookbook will feature low sugar, gluten-/grain-free, paleo-inspired desserts. The other half will be savory, creative, and nourishing meals for two. 

You can learn a lot about a couple by how they show up together in the kitchen. This cookbook is not just about making and eating healthier food, but about gaining tools of conscious communication and deepened intimacy so that you can grow together through (and beyond) the kitchen. 

From food sourcing, food preparation, and cleaning up the kitchen, authors TJ Anderson and Amanda Gyuran will highlight each step of the creation process. TJ and Amanda will also focus on helping couples develop rituals in and out of the kitchen—preparing food, energetic clearing, emotional intimacy practices, and creating a sacred eating sanctuary—to name a few. By incorporating these rituals, each meal made in Kitchen Chemistry will leave you feeling fully nourished, on a physical, emotional, and relational level.

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